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We L5 Flash file Without Password Download

We L5 Flash file Without Password Download

We L5 Flash file Without Password

File name:-sp7731g_1h10_81_df_df013_we_i8_qhd_6.0_MRA58K_release-keys_L5

Cpu Type:-SP7731GEA


File Size:-553MB

File Price:-Free

Zip:-Without Password

Download From Below Link

Google Drive


Phone found! [ 5 ] Port Opened
InitBoot Done [ 0x81 ] , Ver : SPRD3
Sending FDL
[Info] : If SW freeze here more, than 15 seconds – remove cable
FDL Ready!
Boot Ver : SC773x Android 5.x eMMC v1.0 Inf
Boot Ok!

Model Name : sp7731g_1h10_81_df_df013_we_i8_qhd
Model Brand : SPRD
Model Device: sp7731g_1h10_81_df_df013_we_i8_qhd
AndrVersion : 6.0
BaseBand CPU: SP7731GEA
Project Ver : MRA58K release-keys
Model Ext : L5

[Read Mode] : HSUSB : 0x3000

[FW_READER] : Reading Firmware Now …

[Read Ok] : u-boot-spl-16k.bin
[Read Ok] : u-boot.bin
[Read Ok] : prodnv.img
[Read Ok] : sc7731g_CP0_modem.bin
[Read Ok] : DSP_DM_Gx.bin
[Read Ok] : nvitem_w.bin
[Read Ok] : sc8830g_modem_CP2_WCN_14D_W16.26.3_Release.bin
[Read Ok] : nvitem_wcn.bin
[Read Ok] : logo_540x960.bin
[Read Ok] : fblogo_540x960.bin
[Read Ok] : boot.img
[Read Ok] : system.img
[Read Ok] : sysinfo.img
[Build Ok] : cache.img
[Read Ok] : recovery.img
[Build Ok] : userdata.img

AndroidInfo created
Firmware Size : 1343 MiB
Saved to : G:\SP7731GEA_sp7731g_1h10_81_df_df013_we_i8_qhd_6.0_MRA58K_release-keys_L5\

Operation : Convert InfinitySC to SPRD PAC [ v1.27 ]

Target : SP7731GEA_sp7731g_1h10_81_df_df013_we_i8_qhd_6.0_MRA58K_release-keys_L5
Step #1 : Identify


Step #2 : Select logic
Select Logic : SC7731

Step #3 : Processing data
Build PAC
[ADD FILE] : nvitem_w.bin
[ADD FILE] : nvitem_wcn.bin
[ADD FILE] : prodnv.img
[ADD FILE] : u-boot-spl-16k.bin
[ADD FILE] : sc7731g_CP0_modem.bin
[ADD FILE] : DSP_DM_Gx.bin
[ADD FILE] : sc8830g_modem_CP2_WCN_14D_W16.26.3_Release.bin
[ADD FILE] : logo_540x960.bin
[ADD FILE] : fblogo_540x960.bin
[ADD FILE] : boot.img
[ADD FILE] : system.img
[ADD FILE] : sysinfo.img
[ADD FILE] : cache.img
[ADD FILE] : recovery.img
[ADD FILE] : userdata.img
[ADD FILE] : u-boot.bin
Build Ok! Result : 0x0018
Sign PAC …
Sign Ok! FW compiled!
Elapsed: 00:02:41

Saved to : SP7731GEA_sp7731g_1h10_81_df_df013_we_i8_qhd_6.0_MRA58K_release-keys_L5.pac

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Download the official We L5 Firmware rom (Flash File) for your Device. We also provide all other We Firmware rom for free.

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On this page,you will find the official link to download We L5 stock firmware rom

and flash file, on your Computer.Firmware comes in a Zip & Rar package,which contains flash file,

flash tools,Driver & – How to flash guide

How to Flash PAC Rom:

Follow Tutorial

Step 1: Download and extract with winrar the stock Rom on your computer.
Step 2: After extracting you will find the Firmware file, Research Download, Driver and instruction manual.
Step 3: Install the USB Drivers.skip if drivers are already installed on your computer.
Step 4: Open the Research Download and load the PAC File from the firmware folder.
Step 5: Connect befor your Smartphone voleum + or – hold to the computer using the USB Cable.
Step 6: Click on StartDownload or Download Button in the Research Download to Begin the Flashing.

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